Rik Lander artworks
Following on from the award winning The Memory Dealer, Rik Lander's new headphone experience uses
an app to allow you to become an attendee at a virtual conference.

You choose to become either a celebrated maker of digital theatre or an pioneering academic.
Your character is quite like you, only much more desperately ambitious.
Your brilliant rivals Simon Funding-Evermore and Felicity Tenure are also there
and there's an inspiring lecture - delivered by one of the audience.
By the end of the drama you'll be at the top,
but will you do it by carrying out your crazed plan to TOP your rival
or will your ascent be aided by divine intervention?

Presented at the Value of Theatre workshop, Watershed Bristol, 15th September 2014
Tickets for the day long workshop available here
If you'd just like to come to the HEADPHONE EXPERIENCE ONLY at 12.00 in Waterside 3 for one hour, book here

Also presented at AESTHETICS/POLITICS/ACTIVISM/ART: WHAT IS RADICAL NOW? Bush House, 19th September 2014. Tickets for this day long workshop available here

Remember to bring your fully charged phone and headphones.
If you don't have a smart phone, let us know and we'll provide one.